APP - Special Halloween!

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£15.00 inc. tax


The Librairie La Page is happy to welcome you to celebrate Halloween with storytelling adventure with songs, dances and tactile activities!

Organized by Club Petit Pierrot, this thematic workshop is fun and creative, steeped in French culture, and include a wide variety of activities tailored to suit the abilities, and meet the needs, of each age group.

Suitable for all levels of French – Booking compulsory

For children from 1 to 5 years old

45 minutes

£ 15

Group limited to 10 children

More about Club Petit Pierrot's team :

At Club Petit Pierrot we passionately believe that children learn French best while having fun, and by being fully immersed in the language.

To successfully teach with the immersion method, teachers need to provide children with an appropriate learning environment full of opportunities for communication!

All the teachers at Club Petit Pierrot are experienced, qualified to work with children, and trained to teach French. They are all native French teachers, dynamic, fun, dedicated and passionate about teaching French to young children. At Club Petit Pierrot, teachers have an initial training period and are handed down an educational guide with plans of all the lessons. During weekly meetings the team discuss the programme and are coached by Stella Bataille, Founder/Director, in order to use the best approach for each group, according to the language level and general abilities of the children.